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Training Review

Training Review Consult

Talk with Charley about any aspect of your current training to better understand if you are on the “right track”. You might just be getting started and want to be pointed in the right direction or you might have questions about your workouts, the intensity of workouts, are you doing enough or too much? Other discussions might be around season planning, power meters, heart rate, etc. Charley will do his best to answer your questions, point you in the right direction or do some research to help you.

$75.00 per hour
Current RMTC members – $50.00 per hour

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Training Review

Race Plan Consult

You have key races in your race plan, and you need to discuss strategy for the race with a coach. Charley can discuss with you about your training, and help you better understand how to set up your expectations beyond “just finishing.” You have put in the time and work, a race plan consult can help you better set your expectations as well as how to take advantage of your strengths.

$100.00 per hour
Current RMTC members – $75.00 per hour

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Individualized Coaching Services

I am no longer providing individual coaching services. If you are looking for a coach to work with individually, I would recommend reaching out to the excellent coaches of the Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club.