What To Expect

Triathlon can be a very intimidating yet rewarding sport for first timers and experienced athletes alike. My philosophy is that as a coach, I work to bring out the best in my athletes. As your coach I will train and mentor you in a manner that not only brings out the best of your athletic capabilities but also helps to guide you towards goals that we will choose together.

The relationship between a coach and athlete is not one-directional. Information and results must be shared both ways in order for you to achieve your goals with minimal injury or interruption to the rest of your life.

The goals you set will determine the intensity and length of your training.

You will always receive a written, personalized training plan that is updated weekly as well monetary support toward the membership in the Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club so that you have a group of like minded and motivated people with whom to train. Your emails and phone calls with always be answered within a reasonable amount of time, and you will learn how to be disciplined by following a set schedule.  You will be held accountable only to yourself if you fail to complete workouts. A coach’s role is not to pressure you into training but rather to help guide you down the path that leads to motivated and injury free results.

Endurance training can be all-consuming. It is my firm belief that happy athletes perform better and thus it is of extreme importance that all my athletes strike a good balance between their training and the rest of their lives.

See the page on training plans for more information about pricing and training packages.